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About a Boy (2002)

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Bir erkek hakkında | About a Boy (2002) izle

Bir erkek hakkında izle , About a Boy izle , Bir erkek hakkında filmi izle , About a Boy filmi izle - Marcus Brewer, a twelve-year-old boy, lives with his sad single mother, Fiona Brewer. Fiona and Marcus march to the beat of their own drums. Marcus will go to any length to make his sad mother happy, even if it means causing him pain. As a result, he learns that he is seen since different from other kids, as even the self-described odd kids don't want to hang out with him because he gets bullied. The fact that he sings and talks to himself without recognizing it is one of the insults leveled at him. Meanwhile, 38-year-old Will Freeman is a lazy who has never worked a day in his life thanks to the royalties from a song composed by his dead father. He is a lonely guy who considers himself to be the most important person in his life. He comes to the conclusion that dating single mothers satisfies his selfish carnal desires. Will meets Marcus in this role because Suzie, one of Will's single mother conquests, is friends with the Brewers. Marcus infiltrates Will's life, much to Will's dismay, in an attempt to leave his existence while also wanting Will to date Fiona. Will gradually realizes that Marcus is more than a bother; he is someone who needs advice as he navigates the tribulations of puberty and the tribulations of coping with a suicide mother, and maybe he can be a tiny part of giving that guidance. Marcus, on the other hand, may be able to teach Will the way to becoming a genuine grownup.

Orjinal İsmi About a Boy
IMDB ID tt0276751
IMDB Puanı
Ödüller 1 Oscar Adaylığı. 11 ödül & 30 adaylık. total
Yapım Şirketi Tribeca Productions
Süre 101 dakika
Kategori Netflix film
8.8 10 19
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